School Support

To receive behavioral support at your child’s school, please request this service during an IEP meeting. The school district will contact Behavioral Learning Center to receive our school support service.

School Support

Program Description

BID and BII: Behavioral Learning Center, Inc. provides behavior analytic services in schools. A functional behavioral analysis is conducted by a trained professional in the field of applied behavior analysis, who possess a BCBA, and will be updated as needed based on ongoing data collection. Measurable behavior reduction goals, replacement behaviors and a behavior intervention plan are then developed based on the findings of the functional behavioral assessment

Progress towards these goals will be monitored through quantifiable measures and programming will be revised accordingly and disseminated to the school district, family, teacher, and other involved professionals through ongoing verbal communications and written reports as specified in the student's individual behavior plan or IEP. Teacher, paraeducator and other staff training will be conducted on an as needed basis.

Behavioral Learning Center, Inc. also provides intensive applied behavior analysis training to school and personnel (e.g., teachers, paraeducator, therapists) which includes a pre/posttest, detailed study guide, classroom role playing, hands-on classroom training, and follow up.

Intensive staff training can be designed to meet the needs of small and large groups and can be provided in short 2–4-hour sessions or multi session classes to provide in-depth learning opportunities. This training will assist staff with implementing effective behavior analytic strategies in the classroom to improve student behavior and increase student learning.

Speech Services

Behavioral Learning Center provides speech language and pragmatic therapy to students in the school setting by completing comprehensive evaluations with standardized assessment tools to treat a variety of speech and language delays and disorders that are impacting the student’s ability to access academic curriculum and engage in with peers.  Services will be offered in a one on one or a group setting with collaboration with staff such as teachers and aides to increase the generalization of skills.  Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) and Speech Language Pathologist Assistants (SLPA) will participate in the IEP process with the team to provider progress and long-term goals for student academic success. SLP will provide ongoing supervision to SLPA at a rate consistent with the licensing board and will be registered on the appropriate credentialing board.  Goals will be created for the student as deemed necessary by the IEP team.

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