Adaptive Skills Training (AST)

The Adaptive Skills (AST) division of Behavioral Learning Center, Inc. focuses on functional life skills aimed at increasing socialization and personal independence. This program utilizes naturalistic settings and teaching methodologies to target specific skill deficits while building on a consumer strengths. In addition, this program also employs naturally occurring reinforcers as a means to create a realistic approach. While utilizing principles of Applied Behavior Analysis the intervention team will create opportunities to practice everyday life skills.

Adapted Skills Training (AST)

The program helps individuals develop skills that will be beneficial now and in the future, so they will be able to use these skills at home, community and work placement. The Adaptive Skills program incorporates domains such as independent living skills and vocation to expand on a (consumer) current skills and experiences to help them gain the tools needed for an independent and fulfilling life.

This program is designed for individuals who possess basic core skills, but continue to exhibit delays in age appropriate functional skills. The skills learned in this program will piece together the general concrete knowledge a consumer has to allow them to apply this knowledge to abstract thoughts and complex situations. Thus allowing the consumer to develop more functional and socially appropriate behaviors.

BLC Adaptive Skills

  • Interventionist-led one to one services conducted in naturalistic and generalized settings
  • Improves and promotes individual independence at home and in the community
  • Curriculum that is tailored to specifically address the consumer’s needs
  • Improves the quality of life by focusing on functional life skills to enhance the quality of everyday life and broaden options available for the consumer in the future
  • Incorporates a parental component that empowers parents by providing them with the tools and knowledge to teach necessary skills needed to navigate their daily life
  • Teaches individuals the skills needed to serve and participate as functional members of their community

Domains of Intervention

  • Verbal & Nonverbal Communication
  • Self-Help
  • Self Management
  • Safety Awareness
  • Community Outings
  • Independent Living Skills (including vocational skills)
  • Social Skills (Social skills groups for AST clients)
  • *Reduction of behavioral excesses if it does not impede skill acquisition

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