In-Home Parent Education (IHPE)

The In-Home Parent Education (IHPE) division of Behavioral Learning Center, Inc. was created to support parents and caregivers throughout Los Angeles County.

We provide parents with evidence-based strategies that increase their child’s learning while decreasing their child’s maladaptive. Our IHPE division is a foundational program at each one of our centers.

BLC provides parents with the best in-home education and training available so that they are better equipped to manage their child’s developmental disability. Through IHPE, parents and caregivers are instructed on basic behavioral concepts and how those concepts relate to engagement in both challenging and appropriate behavior. In addition, they will gain an understanding of disability and how it impacts an individual’s ability to successfully navigate daily life.

Parent Education and Training

ABA Training for Parents

IHPE doesn’t just address a child’s challenging behaviors, it empowers parents with the knowledge and skills necessary to enhancing quality of life for their child—and the entire family. BLC’s in-home ABA training for parents focus on teaching stewards of children with disabilities to create positive behavioral changes and improve functional skills.

The result: Parents leave each class more prepared to manage the challenges of raising a child with behavioral excess, so that both parties experience more success in the present and the future.

The intervention begins with a comprehensive assessment of skills and engagement in maladaptive behaviors and the parent’s knowledge and implementation of behavioral concepts. We then create an individualized intervention plan to meet the unique needs of the family. In-home interventions are provided by a behavioral consultant in the family’s home and community settings.

The BLC In-Home Parent Education Program Includes:

  • Curriculum development, either as an introduction to behavior management, or as a continuation program for those who have already received intensive behavioral intervention.
  • Individualized services that meets the unique needs of the child and family.
  • Consultation with IHPE program managers and supervisors who have received a minimum of 40 hours of training in ABA as well as a minimum of 20 hours of program-specific instruction and continued education.

Seven domains of intervention include:

  • Behavioral Concepts
  • Behavior Modification
  • Communication and Socialization
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Daily Routine and Household Organization
  • Self-Care and Independence Skills
  • Community and Safety Skills

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